Tuesday, 8 May 2007

Filming: Out of Ghana

An anonymous tipper kindly shared info about an up and coming director Julius Amedume and his feature called 'A Goat's Tail'. Thanks Tipper!!

I have not seen it myself, but my first impressions suggest that this dude is delivering more than the average Ghanaian soap drama. Set both in London and in Ghana, sounds like it is the makings of a very ambitious project. http://amedumefilms.com/

What worries me is the state of Ghanaian filming and its international appeal. Considering that 50 years ago, the number of studios equipped for film production back home, should have provided incentive for a lucrative industry. Don't get me wrong, the present industry is lucrative, but on a home market basis.

What are your thoughts on the genre types presently being made in Ghana?

I know that this will be taboo to say - ooooh - but where do you stand as you see Ghanaians plugging the Nigerian market more than their own?

It would be great to have more producer/directors like Julius; there surely is a lack of talent to titillate the international palette. Do you know of anyone else out there??

More importantly, here is another request asking for a filmic resource. Who knows where to see or get 'A Goat's Tail'? I could really do with your input anonymous tipper!!!!


Yiadom said...

I've just been browsing, and came across this very interesting article.

Please, don't kill our music: Hosted by HiGhana

This dude's article is a useful insight into some of the media related issues that exist between Ghanaians and Nigerians.

Very Useful!!!

Yiadom said...

Here is another useful article, this time dicussing the lack of traditional values in recent productions.

Ghana Films Must Depict Our Culture And Traditions: Hosted by Graphic Ghana

The author Arnold Asamoah-Baidoo appears to be an authority on the subject. This is another useful article that he has written.

More Research Will Do: Hosted by Graphic Ghana

Yiadom said...

I have just come across another transnational feature. I wish I had found out about this a lot sooner as well.

Run Baby Run, directed by Emmanuel Apea Jr, appears to be another ambitious project set in both Ghana and the UK.

Once again The Statesman online are at the forefront with news about this feature. The following articles attempt to give a fair overview.

Run Baby Run premiers in Accra
The new international movie from Revele Films: Run Baby Run

The beauty of this individual is that his work does not stop here. Mr. Apea has teamed up with other industry professionals to launch the Ananse International Film Festival 2007 (AIFF).

The Key Benefits of AIFF are as follows:

Ghanaian filmmakers and overall attendees will learn new and innovative ways of producing television and film projects.

Enhance marketing, production and distribution of Ghanaian Film and Television products.

An opportunity to establish new business partnerships between the Ghanaian, Nigerian, European and American TV and Film Industry.

Increase overall awareness of the Ghanaian Film and Television Market.

The opportunity to honor outstanding film makers and contributors to the film industry during the past fifty years.

For more info on this event that was held during the Independence celebrations in March read this article by the Statesman online.
Ananse International Film Festival 2007

I suppose its great hear of individuals working together to improve the vertical integration of Ghanaian film production, with the aim of an international market.

I for one feel proud, Roz!

Anonymous said...

on the movie run baby run.. i just got the chance to watch the movie and i dnt wnt o be the one who spoilt the party but i think there is much much more they could have done. bad subtitles, holes in the story, how can a guy with only £1.50 in his pocket at a bus stop fuel a car and pick up his sis from the airport, whose car did he "borrow". they culd have done much better. but its a great start for Ghana. i would to see OM studios make a movie though. that i am sure will be great.